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Groundwater Monitoring Data

Groundwater Levels - PA1

Groundwater monitoring is crucial if we are to understand how aquifers respond to rainfall and pumping. We monitored the groundwater level in a borehole at our previous premises between 2005 and 2010.

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Though the monitoring record is relatively short, an inter-seasonal range of about 1.5 m is apparent (blue line). Response to winter recharge is observed between May and October, while the groundwater level gradually drops from December to April.

The effect of our neighbour pumping his borehole is also apparent. The boreholes are about 30 m apart. He pumps his borehole in the summer months to irrigate his garden. Pumping is irregular, but generally last for between 6 hrs and 48 hrs. This induces a drawdown of about 0.75 m in the monitoring borehole.

Monitoring during the early part of winter of 2010 indicated recharge patterns observed in preceding winters would be repeated, with the groundwater level starting to rise in June 2010. However, in late August 2010, the rising trend stopped and the groundwater level started to decline. This declining trend continued until the end of monitoring in Oct 2010. This lack of recharge during the winter of 2010 suggests groundwater levels could be about 0.7m lower than levels observed in previous years.